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I travelled to India in 1999 and discovered yoga purely by chance having gone on a journey of self discovery. The benefits to the mind, body and soul fascinate me. I have been studying and practising since my teenage years over 15years!


I was lucky enough to study and do my teacher training with David Swenson which was an honour and his light hearted approach to yoga taught me everything I know, I also had a wonderful teacher Carol Smith who I would like to acknowledge for her contribution to my yoga journey.


I have been teaching Ashtanga yoga in Milton Keynes for 10 years and feel a gift is to be shared. I feel blessed to have found yoga and can credit it for my positive nature and well being.


I look forward to meeting and sharing all that yoga has to offer with you, I also offer body work Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki and believe working with the whole body as a system is truly beneficial including what we put in and on our bodies so please get in touch to book in.


Namaste x







“Kelly’s yoga practice isn’t just about exercise, it’s a Union of mind, body and Spirit! The breathe is a focal point to aid in the flow of the asana sequences. I was blessed to find Kelly through a friend, as the resonates of the teacher is a must to benefit from this awesome practice! I always leave feeling centred, at peace and all stresses dissolved. Highly recommend her life changing class. Namaste ❤ Joanna

 A small friendly class working to all levels, everyone is welcome no need to book, just turn up, mats are available so just bring yourself in something comfy. I also offer Ayurvedic Deep Tissue massage and Reiki please find me on face book Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage with Kelly and Ashtanga Yoga with Kelly.


Wednesday 6.30pm

Sunday       10.00am

classes are 90 mins including relaxation



£30 monthly 1 class per week deal



Ashtanga Yoga with Kelly

The Old Bath House

205 Stratford Road


Milton Keynes

MK12 5RL