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“I have been taking my daughter Jayla to Kelly’s Chota Yoga for little people, for a year now. Since the first session we both completely fell in love with yoga. Jayla looks forward to going every week and loves practicing at home. She thrives in the calming environment that Kelly creates. The fun sessions are themed each week which helps Jayla to remember her favourite yoga positions and makes each week new and interesting. Jayla’s balance and flexibility has greatly improved in the last year and each week she amazes me with the positions she can do. When we started Jayla was very shy but Kelly has encouraged herĀ  confidence to grow, I can’t believe the change in her, she will now go into the class full of confidence and even demonstrate poses to the other children without hesitation. Jayla enjoys the fun games Kelly does in her sessions which promotes interacting with other children and building confidence. One of Jayla’s favourite parts of the session is relaxation where she can focus on her breathing and reflect on the yoga she has just done. It really is magical to watch her in such a calm happy state. For Jayla’s birthday there was no question that she wanted a yoga party! Kelly gave Jayla the most beautiful fun party with games and yoga with an under the sea adventure theme. Jayla absolutely loved it and so did all he friends (and their mums!). Practicing yoga each week with my daughter is such a wonderful experience for me. Spending time with her doing something she loves together has been an amazing bonding experience. I love that we are doing an activity that is good for both our bodies and mind. Yoga has helped us to make better lifestyle choices and Jayla says that when she is older she wants to be a yoga teacher! I highly recommend yoga with Kelly to anyone. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Kelly is so welcoming and kind. What ever you or your child’s ability is, Kelly helps you to feel relaxed and able to practice at your own pace. I am truly grateful that we have found and fallen in love with yoga, and I know it will always be part of mine and my daughters lives.”

Emily Finn Miton Keynes